The American Lease Insurance ProgramSM

American Lease Insurance (ALI) provides property and liability insurance and insurance tracking to companies that finance or lease equipment through a customized, automated program. This unique program ensures comprehensive coverage on finance/lease portfolios from contract origination through any and all extensions. Underwritten by an “A+” rated insurance carrier, the ALI Program provides “special form” protection against fire, flood, windstorm, accidental damage, power surge and theft, while ensuring customer satisfaction with affordable monthly premiums that are fixed for the term of the contract, responsive service and fast claims adjustment.

The ALI Program also covers vehicles.

To companies that finance or lease commercial vehicles, the ALI Program also delivers comprehensive insurance tracking, asset protection, and additional fee income. Underwritten by an “A” rated insurance carrier, this automated program provides coverage for physical damage and theft on financed and leased commercial vehicles, from pickup trucks to tractor-trailers, classification 1 through 8. Liability coverage is also provided on leases to protect lessors of vehicles against third-party claims or judgements.

Meticulous insurance tracking.

Insurance tracking is a key component of the ALI Program, to ensure finance and leasing companies of equipment or commercial vehicles that every agreement is covered.

Responsive customer service.

Trained ALI representatives assist customers and their insurance agents with questions regarding coverage via phone, fax, and email. A simplified claims submission protocol speeds the claims process, and enables ALI to resolve claims quickly.

Innovative insurance solutions.

ALI is proving its value to financing and leasing companies with insurance and tracking solutions that evolve to meet changing needs.