Protect your equipment – and your business.

Insurance for your leased or financed equipment is required by your agreement. It can also help you to keep operating after a loss.

Better protection.

The American Lease Insurance Program is underwritten by an A+ rated insurance carrier, AGCS Marine Insurance Company, an Allianz Group Company, providing more comprehensive coverage than available through typical commercial business owner policies. See what’s covered.

AGCS Marine Insurance Company

Lower costs you can count on.

The ALI Program is more affordable than most coverage you can arrange on your own. Plus, it’s predictable, because the monthly insurance charge you pay stays the same for the term of your agreement. How much will it cost? Request an insurance charge estimate.

No deductible.

Typical business owner policies cover replacement cost minus depreciation, and you have to pay for the rest. With the ALI Program, for every covered loss, the equipment will be repaired or replaced, or the balance of the contract paid off. There’s not even a deductible to pay.

A simple claims process.

Should you need to make a claim, we’ve made the process easy, so you can get back to business quickly. See how to report a loss.

ALI claims reporting number: 888-521-6568

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