The ALI Program helps you close deals faster.

American Lease Insurance (ALI) offers an automated program of insurance coverage and tracking to leasing and finance companies of equipment and commercial vehicles that works for your customers — and for you. When you work with a funder who uses the ALI Program, you benefit from a professionally managed insurance program that delivers distinct advantages to your customers – and to you.

You can stop asking for insurance information now.

The ALI Program provides coverage automatically, from the date the agreement is signed. Your customers don’t have to worry about insurance anymore — and neither do you. Because you no longer have to verify insurance documentation prior to closing, you can focus on sales.

A-rated coverage.

Underwritten by A-rated insurance carriers, the ALI Program provides more comprehensive coverage than most businesses can obtain through standard business owner policies, including fire, flood, power surge and theft. It’s the dependable coverage your customers deserve. See what’s covered for equipment or vehicles.

Provide additional value to your customers.

The ALI Program is affordable, with charges that are fixed for the term of the agreement. There’s not even a deductible to pay. We’ve made it easy for your customers to compare costs with a free insurance quote online.

Ensure customer appreciation.

ALI is convenient for your customers, billed right on their finance or leasing invoices, so there’s no additional bill to keep track of or payment to make. Though customers may obtain their own insurance, most of them take advantage of ALI’s affordable cost, superior coverage and exceptional customer service. Should they experience a loss, a simplified claims process ensures the equipment is repaired or replaced quickly, so they can continue operating.

ALI is good for your funder. Good for your customer. Good for you.

The ALI Program is designed to deliver a broad range of benefits. Comprehensive portfolio protection for your leasing or finance company. Superior protection, lower cost and convenience to your customer. Additional value you can be proud to offer – and no more insurance obstacles for you.

Have questions? We have answers.

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Show vehicle customers a printable summary of coverage

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