Every truck tracked and covered.

If you finance or lease commercial vehicles, a well-run vehicle insurance program is a necessity to safeguard your assets in the event your customers allow their insurance coverage to cancel or expire. The American Lease Insurance (ALI) Program delivers comprehensive insurance tracking, asset protection, and additional fee income.

A-rated coverage.

The ALI Program is underwritten by Assurant, Inc., a global provider of risk management solutions with eighty years of experience. A Fortune 500 company, Assurant is rated “A” by A.M. Best and Company. The ALI Program provides coverage for physical damage and theft on financed and leased commercial vehicles, from pickup trucks to tractor-trailers, classification 1 through 8. Liability coverage is also provided on leases to protect lessors of vehicles against third-party claims or judgements.

Meticulous tracking ensures every vehicle is covered.

ALI tracks evidence of coverage through the entire term of each and every agreement to verify that each vehicle is protected. If a customer’s coverage expires or is cancelled, ALI coverage immediately goes into effect. It also initiates a 60-day communication process with the customer’s agent and the customer to obtain evidence of coverage. If, after 60 days, evidence of coverage is not received, data is transmitted to your system for debiting of insurance charges. Should the customer renew or obtain new coverage at any time, ALI Program coverage is canceled, and charges are refunded.

Automated operation works with your software.

The ALI Program is effective and effortless. Integrated with your own accounting software, it is powered by Integrity, ALI’s lease-insurance software, which operates on secure data transfers scheduled according to your billing cycles. You have full access to all records of insurance on your assets at any time. In the event of a loss, ALI claims staff guide customers through a claims adjusting process to ensure swift resolution.

Fee income offsets tracking charges.

You receive an administrative fee for each ALI Program charge debited and collected. Fee income typically offsets the charges for insurance tracking on your portfolio.

No more uninsured vehicles.

The ALI Program ensures that every commercial vehicle in your portfolio is insured. It’s a simple solution to the challenge of uninsured vehicles. ALI also provides insurance tracking on transactions that are ineligible for program coverage due to type or value.

Find out more about how the ALI Program can benefit you.

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