Effective insurance tracking from ALI.

ALI insurance tracking was developed to support American Lease Insurance Agency Corporation (ALI) programs. Meticulous and effective, it has enabled ALI to reach the highest customer acceptance rates of equipment insurance. Insurance tracking is also offered to ALI customers on transactions that are ineligible due to type or value.

An automated system works like clockwork.

The ALI tracking system is automated and works through a specific sequence of contacts made with your customers’ insurance agents or brokers. Using a combination of e-mail, telephone and mail tailored to your company’s needs, ALI staff track coverage on each and every contract in your portfolio.

We do the tracking, so you don’t have to.

American Lease Insurance has provided tracking of insurance on commercial assets to equipment financing companies since 2000. Rely on ALI for tracking services, and realize a financial advantage. When you free your staff from the task of time-consuming tracking, they can focus on generating revenue.

Find out how ALI tracking services can work for you.

For more information about ALI tracking services, contact Wally Keane at 888-521-6568 x 230