Web Site Privacy Policy

What Information does ALIAC collect?

The American Lease Insurance Agency Corporation (“ALIAC”) web site collects technical information including your public IP address, browser type and version, time zone, operating system version. Information about your visit such as URL referrals, date and time accessed, and page response times are also collected.
ALIAC does not collect any personally identifiable data from web site users including names, emails, physical address, and phone numbers.

Does ALIAC use cookies?

Our web site does not use cookies.

What Is the Collected Information Used For?

Technical information is aggregated together and is used for debugging, traffic reports, and optimization.

How Is the Above Information Shared?

Overall traffic statistics may be shared with third parties but information about specific visits is not shared outside of ALIAC.

How Can I Limit the Information ALIAC Collects About Me?

Exploring your web browser’s privacy options can reveal ways to limit the information provided to web sites including ALIAC. Using a public VPN (Virtual Private Network) can be used to further anonymize traffic. Use these options at your own risk.